About us

"Fabrika ZDOROVO" Ltd

TM "ZDOROVO" - a real stew (canned meat, canned cereal, pates)

   Canned products under the trademark "ZDOROVO" are present on the Ukrainian market since 2005. Currently, the products under the trademark "ZDOROVO" is represented by distributors in all regions of Ukraine in all distribution channels (the key and the linear retail, wholesale, food service, public procurement). Simultaneously with the sale of TM "ZDOROVO" through distributors, the Private Label project (production of products under the trademarks of partnership companies) is developing. By now we produced products under the following trademarks: "Sytnyi riad" and "Vygodnaya cena vsegda for  "ATB - Market" Ltd., from December 2010 TM "Ukrains’ka Zirka" for  “Tavriya V” Ltd., TM "Prosto" for "Ukriinsky Retail" Ltd. (supermarkets "Brusnytsya"). Also we produce Kosher products each year by order of the Dnepropetrovsk Jewish community. 

Features of TM "ZDOROVO"

   ТTM "ZDOROVO" - is a consistently high quality, optimum range, excellent value for money - quality, sophisticated commercial and pricing policy. Products awarded with diplomas of specialized exhibitions and tasting competitions. For the production of the stew we use beef of the highest quality from the Ukrainian manufacturers. Technologists do not rest on their laurels and are constantly working towards the development of the assortment, improve product quality. We produce products for all categories of buyers - State Standards (GOST) and Enterprise Standards (TU): in tin 525 g, 325 g, 250 g, 338 g with a standard cover and easy open (key), in a glass jar 500 g, 480 g, 460 g standard cover and twist off (screw - type).

  Product is packed in European standard tins (form of the bottom does not allow the tin slip when placing cans one on another), which allows work effectively with commodity stock of retail outlets and partnership companies. The product has bright, catchy self-adhesive label, caps of the glass jars are additionally closed with " kerchief." Products in tin comes in collective package of 8 (metro-package) or 12 pieces in thermo resistant envelope 24 or 36 pieces in carton boxes, glass jars come in a group package of 4 pieces (metro-package) or 12 pieces in thermo resistant envelope.

 Quality control of TM "ZDOROVO"

  The quality department, production laboratory, a specialist of veterinary medicine assigned to our company maitain quality control of raw materials, production process and finished products. All products TM "ZDOROVO" have all the necessary hygienic, expert opinions, research protocols confirming security and quality. Each batch of product is tested in the laboratories of veterinary medicine, DC "Ukrmetrteststandart" (on the content of genetically modified organisms). All shipments of TM "ZDOROVOy" are accompanied by a full package of documents confirming the quality and safety of the product. In 2011, we put into operation new production facilities built on the best examples of European meat processing plants, equipped with the most modern equipment. Every year our company  successfully passes the IFS audit, based on HACCP.

Canned food – how do we price it

Most of buyers wonder why the bank did not stew is cheaper or more expensive than it is now, because it does not delve into the process of price formation. And the price is formed on the basis of:

  1. Raw materials - we carefully select suppliers, first of all, paying attention to quality.

  2. Work - highly skilled workers in our time are very much appreciated, because thanks to them, their skills, taste and quality always remains at a high level. Thanks to them, you can be sure that opening the jar of stew, you can get a taste of it stew instead of low-quality product.

  3. Costs for quality control - all raw materials and finished products undergo strict checks for compliance with the standard (GOST). Through control of our products is of such high quality, and choosing our product - bank stew, canned food, or any other, you can be sure - a product that you have chosen - a high quality and meets all the standards of production.

This is the main cost that affect the price, whether the bank stew, canned or other product. We try to reduce the price by optimizing the production process, purchase quality raw materials at a lower price from reliable suppliers. We do everything for you to have the opportunity to buy a quality product at a lower price.